Tangerine Crystals and Skulls Ring (050)

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Stunning Tangerine crystals sourced deep in the forb

east of South Africa near the border of Mozambique. Crystals bring positive energy, light, and good vibes in all parts of your life. 

NOTE : All crystals are 100% unique and vary slightly in size and shape - not much but just a little. It's this amazing individuality that gives them their value and its what makes our crystals one of the most sought after pieces of jewelry in the world. Please remember this when ordering. Use the photos below to choose your approximate sizing. You will not be disappointed in any style or shape you choose. We promise that. 

  • 100% handmade in our Bali studio 
  • Unique 925 Sterling Silver chain and clasp 
  • Super strong clasps and links allow for an incredible timepiece that will last from generation to generation. 
  • 100% fair trade and environmentally safe materials and sourcing