GORILLA PADS - Wilko Hyper

GORILLA PADS - Wilko Hyper

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Signature 3 piece pad by Matt ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson.

Pad Pieces: 3

Pad Grooves: DIAMOND
High profile, well-spaced diamond shaped groove allows your foot to fit into the voids locking it in place.

Pad Arch: SABER
Larger, squarer shaped arch designed to firmly lock your foot between the arch and the kick.

Represented by some of the most influential surfers in the world, Gorilla pads and accessories are positioned at the forefront of design, fashion and functionality.

We use high quality EVA foam to make a tail pad that offers incredible grip, is light-weight and does not absorb water. We use industrial grade adhesive to ensure Gorilla pads stay stuck to your board.
Go Hard, Go Gorilla!