Gorilla Eat Sleep Wave Repeat Fins - FCS II ( Tri Fins Set)

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We love sleep. Life has the tendency to fall apart when awake, you know? TheξGorilla Eat Sleep Wave Repeat Finsξgive us all the motivation we need to get out of bed. These medium size fins have eye-catching graphics and are good for ripping all sorts of juice in 2 to 10 ft waves.

Made with the Gorilla Machete template, an all-around fin for a diverse range of surfers. A highly functional template with a flat foil on the side fins delivering fast, controlled directional changes. Grab these sick fins for your stick and get wet.

Product Features

  • Size:ŒæMedium
  • Fins in set:Œæ3
  • Material:ŒæRTM (Resin Transfer Moulding)

***Exclusively for the FCS II Fin System; will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System***

The FCS II system has been designed to perform at the highest level by seamlessly connecting 3 essential elements in surfing; the surfer, the surfboard and the fins. When paired with FCS II compatible fins, itäó»s now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds, without the need for any screws or tools.

What youäó»ll find when you ride the FCS II system is more speed, more drive, more acceleration, and most importantly more response from your board. This equates to better surfing, and youäó»ll be in the line up faster.