FCS II Firewire PC Carbon White Medium Tri-Quad Set (5Fins)

FCS II Firewire PC Carbon White Medium Tri-Quad Set (5Fins)

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FCS II FW Fins - FireWire (Thruster and 5-Fin)

The FCS II FW Shaper Series Fins are FINALLY here! After being fine tuned by FireWIre and their team, released as a Thruster and 5-Fin, the FW template is now a member of the FCS II Shaper Series range and are designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin system. They will not fit into the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.
FCS II FW Performance Core Carbon Fins
The FCS II FW (FireWire) Fins were designed by Nev Hyman, both the Thruster and 5-Fin template sit deep in the water and have minimal sweep, meaning they have great pivoting capabilities, yet will hold nicely through turns. If all three fins were the same size, the FCS II FW Thruster Set would feel stiff, however the significantly smaller center fin, combined with the lower sweep angle maintains a modest level of pivot and release. The Thruster is perfectly balanced for boards with a lower rocker, while the steadiness of the quad is ideal for larger hybrid boards. Either way surfers looking for a set that will feel fast and sturdy on the open face and perform smooth, controlled turns, with find it all with the FCS II FW Fins.

FCS II FW Fin Material 
Performance Core Carbon yields a high performance lightweight fin with Carbon strategically placed to give the fin the best flex patterns possible. FCS II Performance Core Carbon now uses a NEW PCC construction with ‘Linear Flex’ which produces a 3D twist & roll action resulting in a fast, super responsive fin that feels much smoother through turns. Performance Core Carbon fins suit fast surfing and are favored by more advanced surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave.

The FCS II FW Fins specifically use a modified version of Performance Core Carbon by using carbon tissue layers and large hex FCS achieved a softer, more forgiving flex compared to the previous generation of Firewire Fins, while maintaining an aesthetic that ties back to Firewires current surfboard technologies.

The FCS II FW Performance Core Carbon Fins: available in Medium and Large.

FCS II FW Performance Core Carbon Front Fin Size: 143lbs/65kg -176lbs/80kg
Base: 4.37 in. 113 mm
Depth: 4.89 in. 124 mm
Area: 15.78 in.² 10180 mm²
Sweep: 32.1°
Foil: Flat

FCS II FW Performance Core Carbon Center Fin Size:
Base: 4.38 in. 111 mm
Depth: 4.57 in. 116 mm
Area: 14.91 in.² 9622 mm²
Sweep: 34.7°
Foil: Flat

FCS II FW Performance Core Carbon Rear Fins Size:
Base: 4.34 in. 110 mm
Depth: 4.01 in. 102 mm
Area: 14.88 in.² 377.95 mm²
Sweep: 33.7°
Foil: 50/50