DHD Custom MF Ducksnuts
DHD Custom MF Ducksnuts

DHD Custom MF Ducksnuts

Regular price 8.300.000,00

The Ducksnuts is Micks step up board for Pumping surf conditions.This board needs to be in every travel quiver.


WAVE TYPE: Hollow Beach Break,Reef Break, Point Break

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate To Advanced


Stock Glassing (4x4x4)

MF Signature Rocker

Single to Double Concave

Black Carbon Innegra Toe Patches & White Carbon Innegra Re-enforcements over fin boxes

Five Fin

We have been working on this model for years and each year we just keep tightening it up and perfecting it. We are really stoked with where the design of this model is at and after years of perfecting it has become a super performer.

Colors : Custom colors available, please request at check out. *Upcharges apply