Blades for your surf quiver.

 Here is a glimpse at a few of the major movers and shakers in the fin industry, and the technologies they've introduced that make them unique.


  Fin Control System (better known as FCS) is a leading producer of quality surfboard fins worldwide; in fact, four of the last five surfing world champions were riding FCS fins at the time of their win. They are well made and known for their durability and performance. The key to FCS's success may be its revolutionary fin-plug design, whereby the fin box is anchored deep into the surfboard, grasping the laminates on both the deck and underside of the board. Most fin plugs are rooted into the foam core alone, then glassed into place using resin. FCS fin plugs are more a part of the surfboard construction, making them far more resilient and less likely to break.The interface between FCS fins and their fin plugs is also unique. Each fin is attached to the board by placing two prongs that stick out of the bottom of the fin into two separate, circular fin plugs. The fins, once screwed into place, are less likely to move laterally (which is a typical complaint regarding fin boxes). The result is a stronger hold back to front and top to bottom. Because their system is completely different from all other fin companies, FCS fins can only be used with FCS fin plugs.


  Future Fins are another high-quality option for surfers. Unlike FCS's two-pronged fin plug system, the bases of Future fins are tapered to fit into elongated fin boxes, which are glassed into the board's bottom. The entire base of the fin is secured in the Future system with an angled screw, meaning that there is a strong hold from back to front. There is still a little wiggle room from side to side, so they need to be secured with a fin key every time you surf for maximum hold. Like FCS fins, Future fins are designed to only work with Future fin boxes. (Future does, however, make replacement fins that are compatible with other companies' systems, but they are marked as such.

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